Thursday, April 10, 2008

More roses!

The big show right now is being put on by Maggie, who is also wonderfully scented. Weirdly, her scent is very changeable from day-to-day, but usually rich and rosy. However, on one bizarre occasion-- and I am not making this up-- her flowers smelled like Miller Lite. (I made two friends smell the flowers in question to make sure I wasn't insane, and yup, lousy American beer. )

Here's Louis Philippe, who is doing wonderfully in part-shade. Check out the lighter petal reverse-- I love the depth it gives to the bloom. L. Philippe's flowers start off cupped, and stay that way if it's cold:

But when it's warm, he looks like this:

This bush is rather leggy, so I recommend planting in groups of three or at the back of the border. The Antique Rose Emporium does this too.

Double Knockout, burning my retinas, but look at that form!

Sweet relief! This is the first decent picture I've gotten of my Blushing Knockout. I love the delicate coloring and form, like a wild rose:

The Pink Double Knockout. I take back what I said about this bush lacking charm, because unlike the other Knockouts, it's actually scented! And it's scented enough that I, with my lousy sense of smell, could smell it from two feet away! I would describe the scent as a sort of spicy tea rose, very pleasant.

My only hybrid tea, Double Delight. This one also clashes with my color scheme in being too warmly red, but every time I'm about to give it away, it blooms with huge vanilla-scented blooms, and well...

Double Delight also changes color with sun and heat. This is the same bloom a day later. When it's really sunny and hot, the whole flower turns red.

The last day of Abraham Darby in bloom:

And now I think it's time for the first lawn mowing of the season. A few days ago I had a ribbon-cutting ceremony like Carol, but mine was quite literal, as I fired up my electric mower and then promptly ran over the power cord and sliced it to ribbons. Oops? Or rather: Welcome to spring!


Carol said...

I had a rechargeable electric mower once, so no cord to cut. I'm not sure I could mow with a corded mower, without cutting the cord, too.

Your roses like very rosy and I can just imagine how nice they smell right!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

vertie said...

Wow! I think I said that about your last rose post but I still think it's the best term. Your roses are amazing. Thanks for all your advice too. Sorry I missed your earlier comment. i would have loved to have come by. Maybe another time.

jodi said...

These are glorious...though I'm a bit worried about the beer-scented one. Just what HAVe you been fertilizing with, hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous blooms!

Gig Harbor florist

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

I like how attuned you are to the scent of roses. I went back out and smelled both Souvenir de la Malmaison and Madame Alfred Carriere and my impression was that although the scents were slightly different, the intensity was about the same.

Too funny about the Miller Lite scent. I used to think Double Delight smelled like Coca Cola.

Maybe we need to have a blind rose scent test as our next party theme.

EAL said...

Yeah, Vertie, wow is about it. I second the wow.

Double Delight though--what an evil blackspot-magnet, one-bloom-a-year rose that was in my garden. I got rid of it with great delight.

Yours looks fab though.

herself said...

That's a neat idea with the wire fence to hold up the roses. I've been trying to figure out a good way to handle the passion vine and dutchman's pipe that are going crazy on my fence.

I'm going to try that, thanks

Ki said...

Your roses look wonderful. We will attempt to grow some once again after seemingly many failures. My preference leans toward the single roses but there are so many beautiful multi-petaled ones we'll probably go with those. The knock out looks great. There is a multi-colored one called Rainbow which I wanted but the nurseries here didn't carry them. The white with yellow center 'Sunny' looks wonderful too.