Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting Started

note: posted on 3/22/08 for archival purposes

Unfortunately, while I took many, many pictures of my yard once I moved into my house, being the incredibly well-organized person I am, I managed to lose almost all of them when I dropped my laptop and fried its hard drive. So these four pictures will have to make do.

This is one of two pictures that show the location of the pool that covered most of the back yard. When we removed it, the sand that it was constructed on was combined with compost to form the raised beds. And the "goldfish pond" along the east fence was also deconstructed and the blocks used to construct the raised beds. For the record, I'm not a huge fan of those landscape blocks, but hey, I was broke and they were free, and boy, were there a lot of them.

The east side yard:

To the left of the picture, you can see a bit of the "waterfall" perched on the corner of the goldfish pond. The water in that pond was an even scarier shade of green. But the neighborhood raccoons didn't seem to mind:

The west side yard. There's a raised bed where the old vegetable garden used to be:

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